When it comes to Minecraft redstone is a essential part. With redstone you can builde

Traps, Auto Smelters, And many more things!



redstone dust will be you best friend!

(redstone dust above)

Redstone dust is what powers everything! The only problem is that well it needs a source of power to! When I say it powers everything I mean it powers evrything that you can do whith redstone (more on that later)but like I said it needs a source of power to! Which brings us to buttons, levers,tripwirehooks,redstone toureches,pressure plates,traped chests,and last but not least redstone blocks!

Buttons, levers, redstone toucheres, tripewire, and redstone blocks are all sources of power for redstone dust when they are acctivated. The way to activate a button is you right click on it and it stays on for about a second. A lever you flip it and it will stay like that untill you flip it back off. It's sorrta like a lightswitch. tripewires are activated when a player of mob activates it by "tripping it" that dosent mean youll actualy trip it just activates when you walk accros it. It only stays on as long as you are standing there. Redstone tourches stay on forever (accept when you put a redstone curent to it more on that later). Pressure plates activate when someone or something is standing on it. There are two kind of pressure plates. Weighted and just regular im not going to go into depth about weightd pressuer plates but all I know about them is that they need items on them for them to work properly. Iron needs more items on it for it to activate than gold. ZThe others pressures plates only need you a players or a mob to stond on them to activate it. Redstone blocks are always on. Theres no turing them off in vinnala minecraft. Traped chest turn on when you open it.